• Speeches and presentations on "Improvements in business areas of Azerbaijan"

  • Commission on Business Environment and International Ratings and the IFC Signed the Cooperation Memorandum and Agreements of Understanding

  • Azərbaycan qlobal səviyyədə rekorda nail olaraq səkkiz sahə üzrə islahatlar aparmaqla, biznesin daha da asanlaşdırılmasını təmin etmişdir
    “DOING BUSINESS 2019 - Training for Reform” , World Bank Group

  • Comparative analysis (benchmarking) system for international rankings

  • Biznes sahələri üzrə Azərbaycanda aparılan islahatlar

  • "Doing Business 2020" - Biznes İslahatları

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Long-term and systematic activity is carried out in the Republic of Azerbaijan in the field of sustainable and competitive development of the economy. As a result of the ongoing economic reforms and diversification of the economy, the non-oil sector's development has been accomplished, significant progress has been made in this area. As a continuation of these events, the economy has been defined as one of the key strategic goals in the following years to keep the economy from reducing oil dependence and transforming it into a competitive national economy based on entrepreneurship development, and furthering business and investment climate. Developing state-entrepreneurial relations consistently by the state to achieve this goal, improving business and investment environment, improving state regulation, including administrative rules and procedures, elimination of illegal interventions and artificial barriers to entrepreneurial activity, forming state support and incentives for entrepreneurs , the expansion of competitiveness and export capacities, as well as the provision of electronic state services in line with the highest international standards. The development of entrepreneurship in the country necessitates improvement of state regulation in increasing its competitiveness, further enhancement of business and investment climate availability, more attractive business and investment environment in line with best international practice, and progressive regulatory and legal practice.

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